Student Support Services

Learning Support

Each student will be allocated tutor on enrolment. The tutor’s role is to encourage learning by developing a positive environment in which the student can successfully complete the course/unit within the goal timeframe.
Students may receive academic or vocational counselling from their tutor. The tutor monitors the student’s progress and intervenes to provide counselling or support as appropriate.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy Support

Students who need language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) support are identified on application.
Students are asked to indicate their highest level of schooling and if English language assistance is needed. International students are asked to show a copy of an IELTS* Score report or equivalent (a score of 6 or above must be demonstrated).
If a student has not completed Year 10 or indicates a need for English language assistance then this will be discussed with the student. Where extra support is needed the student may be advised to obtain LLN support from a specialist organisation and/or enrol in the School’s programs at a later time. LLN support from a specialist organisation is self-funded by the student.
Where an applicant’s LLN deficiency is inhibiting achievement of learning outcomes and the applicant refuses LLN support, enrolment may be declined or suspended.
*For more information on IELTS testing see

Disability Support

Students who need support for disabilities are identified on application.
Support requirements are discussed with the student and wherever practical these requirements will be accommodated. Wheelchair access is available for studio sessions conducted at the Wallarobba Studios at Hornsby.

Personal Counselling

Any student showing signs of distress or discomfort will be approached by the staff member who notices and offered support.
Students may be referred to an appropriately qualified counsellor, depending on the nature of the problem. The School maintains a register of counsellors to support this process. Support from a specialist counsellor is self-funded by the student.

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